Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tokyo as a vintage-shopping heaven: Koenji area

After hours of researching and googling what to do on my free Sunday, I finally came across a tip that suggested taking train to Koenji station. The small area around the station is packed with second-hand stores and nice little bars. 15 minutes later I was already on the Chuo line train off to the vintage paradise (fun fact: The Chuo Rapid Line is known for a high number of suicides, primarily due to the high speed at which some trains pass through stations on the line)

And there I was - confused which way to walk as I saw vintage stores on every little street.. apparently there about 70-80 of those there. Generally they have 3 types of different second-hand stores here: Americana style with loads of US-imported t-shirts, denim, leather  and sneakers, super cute pink kawaii style store catering to girls with pink hair and lollipops, and consignment stores selling slightly worn high-end designer-clothing. Prices are reasonable pretty much everywhere. 

This is so far my most memorable day in Tokyo... I just saw much fascinating and also freaking creepy stuff. 
let the pictures speak for themselves.

Everything Snoopy+Disney is super popular here.

One of those pink and cute stores selling clothing mostly with silly teddybear and heart prints. 

Almost half of the stores were for men only , like this one called Grandberry Jam 

Then I walked up to 4th floor for another store and was greeted my this "scene". This might sound funny now but I was actually frightened because at first I mistook the doll for a real person. The store itself was even weirder - a little dark room with toys, dolls, clothes and twinkling lights hanging down from the ceiling with no space to walk. Creepy but an unique experience for sure.

Back to cute and sweet stuff, this store looked like a real-life Barbie house and was filled with toys and pink clothing. Creepy in a different way...

Toys were piled up even in the changing room! (useful fact: you always have to remove your shoes when entering a changing room in Japan)

And my favourite store ended up being Mouse where I also made my only purchase of the day, a simple black sweater. 

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