Friday, June 19, 2015

Tokyo neighbourhood guide: NAKAMEGURO

Last Sunday I took a 25 minute walk from Shibuya you discover a more quieter area called Nakameguro. It's especially well-known for Meguro river which banks burst into bloom during sakura (cherry blossom season). I'm not gonna give you any addresses because it's best to leave the map home and just wander around the small streets by the river.

Fact time: Towards the end of WWII (March 9th 1945), a firebombing attack on Tokyo timed with high winds burned 286,358 buildings. Eyewitness accounts are clear that burn victims and people fleeing the smoke jumped into the city's rivers including the Meguro river in Nakameguro. Countless bodies ended up in the river. They say that the river got so hot it boiled (probably a myth). Old timers in the neighborhood will tell you there are ghosts in the river.

Nakameguro is a popular destination and residential area for young artists, musicians, hair stylists, designers etc. Narrow streets are packed with trendy cafes, designer boutiques, concept stores and vintage shops. 

LIFE's - lifetsyle store + hot dog and coffee stand

SIDEWALK STAND - sandwich, coffee and craft beer shop inside trendy fashion store. 
1-23-14 aobadai, meguro-ku

a hair salon's owner having a break

Coffee + Mason Jar salad at FELIZ cafe.
this laid back organic cafe had a small menu consisting only of 3 different ayurveda soups and 3 Mason Jar salads. Salad are served in glass jar which you have to shake to mix up the dressing with other ingredients. Later they still bring you a bowl to make eating easier, so I really don't get the point? 
Lunch comes with complimentary drinks, so extra points for that (and the coffee was even ver good, a rare sight!)

COW BOOKS - selling out-of-print books focusing 1960-70s social movements, progressive politics, Protest, the Beat Generation, and first editions of forgotten modern authors.
1-14-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku,Tokyo 153-0042

Make My Day vintage store

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