Sunday, June 21, 2015

too cool for school

No, not really... I'm still planning on going to college in the next couple of years, but I really do like Korean beauty brand called too cool for school. Good news, it will be launched in US at Sephora very soon!

What there's not to love about their branding and packaging!
They have several different separate make-up and skincare lines for which they have collaborated with artists to come up with adorable but not supercutekawaiii packages. 
Check (on the left) and Dinoplatz (on the right) 

The store itself looked like some antique&curiosities store which I love! Such a nice change for all the other beauty stores here that and pink, glittery and play awfully bad music.

And it's not all about branding, I've heard the products are actually good. So far I have tried only their McGirly Lemon+Rice Wine face mask (they call it face smoothie though) which left my skin nicely smooth and bright, probably repurchasing! .. I'm tempted to get one of the lipsticks next time I go. 

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