Saturday, December 26, 2015

Monquer X Anni Jürgenson

Last summer I was contacted by Estonian jewellery brand Monquér to collaborate on a new jewelry collection, 
 I took a few moments to think and said yes! It was a unique chance to have my jewelry designs executed by professional silversmiths. Usually when making jewelry, I am very much limited by the materials and techniques, or especially the lack of them. 

We started the work process right after I had returned from Tokyo and I was full of inspiration from Japanese culture. After a thorough research we chose Japanese red-crowned cranes to be our starting point and main inspiration. Their elegant and long necks were meant to be adapted to statement rings and earrings! Moreover, cranes have a very significant meaning in Asian culture, these symbols of faithfulness and longevity are often embroidered on Japanese wedding wear. 
Mixed with Monquér's signature style and my taste for minimalism, the Tori collection was born, taking its name from a Japanese word for birds.

Take a look at the creating process in the short video below.

Monquer x Anni Jürgenson. Tori jewellery collection creating process. from Monquer jewellery on Vimeo.

In the beginning of December we held a small press presentation at beautiful christmassy Hotel Telegraaf. Thank you everyone who came and supported!

With the lovely Monquér team - Vitali and Kateryna

Friday, December 25, 2015

Alpaca scarves

Last week I took a trip to Alpaka Design studio in Tallinn to replenish my scarf collection even more.
 My previous huge alpaca wool plaid from Alpaka (see here) has traveled with me around the world in every season, every occasion - it has been irreplaceable during cold winter, chilly summer nights and long-haul flights. 

This time I chose something lighter - baby alpaca wool mixed with silk, in light blue color because it feels like it's spring already.
 Love how it looks very casual yet elegant at the same time.  

Charcoal 100% baby alpaca scarf was a Christmas present for my dad but I am probably going to borrow it a lot!

Alpaka scarves are handcrafted from the best natural materials and sold both online here and on site in Tallinn: Tatari 64 Tallinn 10134, Estonia. List of rest of the retailers can be found here

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NYC favourites: Two Hands

My go-to spot in Lower East Side/ Soho - Two Hands.
They have excellent coffee drinks, laid-back atmosphere and a great selection of healthy dishes (including acai bowls) 

My absolute favourite there is Good Morning Salad (fried eggs over red quinoa, chickpeas, roasted beets, spinach with nuts and spicy yogurt dressing)
here: matcha latte and Zoe's Market Plate

Most Wanted

David King Reuben's Most Wanted opening at Soho Arts Club
Such a fun night with my former roommate Abla

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Words and Play! at MoMA

Went to Museum of Modern Art for new Jackson Pollock survey but ended up liking the exhibition of works by Catalan/Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García much more. How great is that quote! 

Jackson Pollock

Friday, December 4, 2015

Frank Stella at Whitney Museum

So good! I was especially impressed by the huge wall sculptures because I did not know to expect those. So far I had loved Stella for his minimal paintings only

go for sure!