Friday, December 25, 2015

Alpaca scarves

Last week I took a trip to Alpaka Design studio in Tallinn to replenish my scarf collection even more.
 My previous huge alpaca wool plaid from Alpaka (see here) has traveled with me around the world in every season, every occasion - it has been irreplaceable during cold winter, chilly summer nights and long-haul flights. 

This time I chose something lighter - baby alpaca wool mixed with silk, in light blue color because it feels like it's spring already.
 Love how it looks very casual yet elegant at the same time.  

Charcoal 100% baby alpaca scarf was a Christmas present for my dad but I am probably going to borrow it a lot!

Alpaka scarves are handcrafted from the best natural materials and sold both online here and on site in Tallinn: Tatari 64 Tallinn 10134, Estonia. List of rest of the retailers can be found here

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