Saturday, December 26, 2015

Monquer X Anni Jürgenson

Last summer I was contacted by Estonian jewellery brand Monquér to collaborate on a new jewelry collection, 
 I took a few moments to think and said yes! It was a unique chance to have my jewelry designs executed by professional silversmiths. Usually when making jewelry, I am very much limited by the materials and techniques, or especially the lack of them. 

We started the work process right after I had returned from Tokyo and I was full of inspiration from Japanese culture. After a thorough research we chose Japanese red-crowned cranes to be our starting point and main inspiration. Their elegant and long necks were meant to be adapted to statement rings and earrings! Moreover, cranes have a very significant meaning in Asian culture, these symbols of faithfulness and longevity are often embroidered on Japanese wedding wear. 
Mixed with Monquér's signature style and my taste for minimalism, the Tori collection was born, taking its name from a Japanese word for birds.

Take a look at the creating process in the short video below.

Monquer x Anni Jürgenson. Tori jewellery collection creating process. from Monquer jewellery on Vimeo.

In the beginning of December we held a small press presentation at beautiful christmassy Hotel Telegraaf. Thank you everyone who came and supported!

With the lovely Monquér team - Vitali and Kateryna

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