Sunday, February 14, 2016

Visiting Osaka

Last week a job took me to Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, for 3 days. It is about 400km and 2,5h bullet train ride away from Tokyo. I absolutely love taking Shinkansen bullet trains, that speed and beautiful landscape views are indescribable, on a beautiful day you can also see Mount Fuji very clearly. 
 I didn't think much of Osaka before, thought would be  just another economic centre and business city similar to Tokyo only less crazy and exciting. Happy to admit I was wrong!

View from my hotel room: famous Umeda Sky Building in runrise. The main difference from Tokyo is that there's so much space! Much less people and streets are wider.

It's all in details! Beautiful manhole cover featuring Osaka Castle

My job was taking place in Umeda, the main commercial and business district, right next to Osaka Station which is the fourth-busiest railway station in the world, serving about 2,5 million passengers daily. You can imagine it was too much to handle! So on my first day I took a chance to walk a bit further and discover more quiet areas. The district around small Nakazakicho Station was characterised by old buildings, hip cafés and a good selection of second-hand stores. Exactly my cup of tea

I also walked by the riverside in Nakanoshima Park
which with its big and wide bridges reminded my of Paris. Yet the vibe was very similar to East River Park in Williamsburg, New York - people skating, walking dogs, having picnics, kids running around. Such a peaceful and chill place. 

Bento box lunch with 4 different flavoured rice, fried chicken, veggies, pickles and tamagoyaki (rolled omelette)

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