Thursday, March 24, 2016

45 Days in Seoul: Day 13 Itaewon

I had read beforehand that Itaewon area is one of the Seoul's tourist hotspots because of its unique international community and big variety of restaurants/clubs/bars.
Guess I got off the beaten track again and instead I wandered around the small streets and slopes behind the Seoul Central Mosque with no tourists in sight. The slope leading to the mosque is the best described as mix of gay/transgender bars and Turkish bakeries and kebab joints.  

View from the Mosque

On the narrow street leading away from the mosque, Usadan-ro No. 10, were mostly ancient looking hardware shops, sketchy restaurants with a few new and hip tattoo salons, wine bars, design shops, ateliers in between. As it was Monday, the latter were all closed. Nevertheless, I loved the atmosphere there!

backpacking-kitty signs helping you to find cool places in midst of all that trash 

For lunch I was planning to go back to the trendier area of Itaewon, but luckily I stumbled upon this lovely little restaurant OTTO on the corner of one of the hills before. The place is very tiny, with maybe only 1-2 seats inside, and the owner is there himself offering you either freshly made kimbap or boneless chicken. I opted for the gimbap roll (kind of like Korean sushi) which was the best I've ever had and cost me only about 2,2 euros. Easily my best food experience in Seoul so far!

 1, Usadan-ro 10da-gil, Yongsan-guSeoul 04408South Korea

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