Thursday, April 21, 2016

I like my handbags smokin' hot

It was about the time to change the fact that I only have black leather handbags - bright green is definitely a step forward. I was instantly takes by the old-fashioned shape and silly embroidery.

Another reason I decided to purchase the bag is that I hadn't seen anything like that before here. When you go shopping in Seoul, you quickly realise that most of the trendy Korean fashion stores sell exactly the same stuff with slightly different prices. And most of if probably comes from the same wholesale markets in Dongdaemun area. There are huge marketplaces where anyone can go and buy tons of dirt cheap made-in-china clothing and brand knock-offs of any kind. 

The label inside the bags says Kiitos Life but unfortunately I wasn't able to find their website/social media. 

Goes equally well with coffee as with steamed dumplings. 

/wearing: bag - Kiitos Life, blazer - Helmut Lang, pants - Zara, shoes - Puma X Hussein Chalayan/


  1. With a handbag like this one, it's not necessary to wear accessories. It can be used as the main accent of the outfit.

  2. Isn't Kiitos Life a Marimekko line?

    So an Estonian goes to Korea to buy a finnich bag :D

    1. No, I'm afraid it's not the same.. it's some Asian brand instead