Saturday, April 23, 2016

Seoul Coffee Shops: Tulip Coffee in Myeong Dong

I have to end my 45 Days in Seoul series because my 45 days are up and I am still here - decided to stay for a month longer. Clearly I haven't had enough time to fully discover this huge and diverse city yet. 

Today was my first time in Myeong Dong - one of the primary shopping districts, favourite of Chinese tourists. Well, when I arrived in the middle of bustling shopping street, the first thing I did was start looking for a nice quiet coffee shop which I quickly found with a help of Foursquare. 

중구 명동3길 23, Myeong dong, SeoulSeoul100-845

Very spacious cafe on three floors, of which last one has an outdoor terrace overlooking the street. Felt like white-washed oasis with plants in the middle of hectic shopping paradise. 
There weren't many people which here doesn't mean that the place isn't any good. There are always simply too many coffee shops on the same street. (Fun fact - Seoul has the most Starbucks stores per city in the world, 284 locations in total, followed closely by new York)

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