Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seoul: Hannam-dong

Another of my favourite neighbourhoods in Seoul - Hannam-Dong. Just an hour walk away across the Han river from Gangnam where I live. Yes, after a while in mega metropolis like Seoul, places just one hour walk away seem very close!

 new eclectic buildings nestled between old crumpled houses

Hyundai Music Library overlooking the Hannam village

Salad Seller is for sure the best salad cafe I have tried out so far. It is hard to come across healthy cafes here as every other place is for Korean barbecue, noodles or decadent cakes. 

Salad Seller
Yongsan-gu Daesagwan-ro 5-gil 28

I love how they have listed every single ingredient in the menu, even such as salt, pepper and butter. Gotta try some of these soups at home!

when exploring seemingly abandoned buildings

chicken restaurant

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