Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seoul: one in a million cafe/pub

I have noticed myself often choosing a coffee shop by its looks. It is not only the menu, prices and location that count when making a decision. 
Well I guess it's everywhere in the world but in Seoul it's especially distinctive - a cafe has to look photogenic, so called insta-worthy, to drive more customers. Here people are shamelessly spending 20 minutes to get a perfect instagram shot of their coffee, even walking around the place to find a better background and light. And then another 20 minutes goes for getting an outfit shot...

 A few keywords for an instaworthy cafe - marble tables, tiled floors, well-designed cup-sleeves, cute neon signs, room plants name it. 

One In A Million, a coffee shop I luckily came across last week, fulfils all these requirements! 
Recently opened cafe/pub in Hannam-dong neighbourhood is already popular amongst the well-dressed fashionable crowd and no wonder why..

One in a Million

Eclectic furniture and perfectly icy green grape ade

All the details have been thought of - even the towel dispensers in bathrooms were painted pink 


  1. love the pictures! could i check how did you get there? nearest subway station/exit? thanks in adv! xo

    1. Thank you! It was probably Itaewon or Hangangjin station... try looking for the location on instagram, usually it helps a lot.