Monday, January 30, 2017

Three days in Havana, Cuba

United States recently opened its borders to Cuba, and Havana is definitely becoming a popular tourist destination for Americans soon. However, technically it is still illegal to travel there as a tourist from US, you have to fall under one of 12 legal reasons (e.g. education, journalism) to go. Even though I am not a US citizen, the same rules apply if I depart from here.

 Having had another week until my Spring semester at Fashion Institute of Technology begins, I decided to go and check out this controversial and exotic country before the first Starbucks pops up there.

It is hard to fall in love with a city where where poverty in evident on every corner, the pavements (or the lack of thereof) are covered in debris, bottled water is not always available in stores, toilet paper is a luxury item, no credit cards are accepted, and WiFi is still a privilege to be paid for per hour (after standing in a long line to buy a wifi card).

Restaurants in Havana often run out of certain food items or coffee machines might be broken for weeks but then again, there are always unlimited supply of rum and cigars, and never ending live music and salsa. What's not to love!?

More detailed posts coming soon, meanwhile check out instagram for photos. 
Anyone planning to travel to Cuba soon?, let me know you have any questions or need recommendations.