Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lumi Nordic skincare

 For my recent quick getaway to Palm Springs, California, I only packed two facial care items due to carry-on baggage restrictions. One of them was Avene's 50 SPF sunscreen (for obvious reasons) and the other AHA-BHA moisturizing cream from Estonian brand LUMI
A few months ago when I went back to Estonia for winter break, I discovered that LUMI had released a new product line Tundra, developed especially for acne-prone skin. For some reason, my skin always gets worse in New York...maybe there's something in the air or food in America, who knows, but either way I'm always struggling with breakouts here. After using Lumi products for a little while, my skin is probably the best it has been in the last 6 months. Definitely not perfect yet, but getting there. 

One mights say that absolutely everything is available in New York, but there are still some products which I prefer having made in Estonia, skincare being one them (the other one is bread, of course). Can't wait to go back home and restock.

When not traveling, I use the whole Tundra series including cleansing milk with willow bark extract and hemp oil, and yarrow mist with salicylic acid. The earthy smell might be uninviting at first, but it really grew on my after some time.. reminds me of home while living in a metropolis. 

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